My IT Company is Understaffed (Part 2)

My IT Company is Understaffed (Part 2)

Too often an IT company will take on more clients than they can reasonably handle.  They price managed services too low to be able to staff appropriately and find themselves unable to deliver on promises made to their clients and to their employees.

In part 1 we examined what is going on behind the scenes of an understaffed managed IT company.  In this article we will examine what using an understaffed IT company looks like from the client’s perspective.

You staff is frustrated

When your team submits a service request they don’t get the response they need.  Perhaps it takes too long or it just isn’t helpful.  Everyone avoids calling the help desk because of the lack of follow through.  People just try to fix it themselves, ask a coworker for help, or just live with their issue.

A new lead at the IT company has to learn your account again

The person that covered your account is no longer there.  A new lead was assigned to you but he doesn’t know your systems yet.  They don’t seem to have a lot of documentation to help with this turnover.

Permanent IT solutions are not offered

The same issues keep coming up.  Instead of addressing the root cause, your IT company puts a work around in place and moves on.  It is very disruptive to have to reboot a server during business hours.

Things keep falling through the cracks

Simple preventable issues are causing problems in your organization.

  • Your new hire does not have a computer even though you submitted a ticket weeks ago. 
  • Email went down because your DNS registration lapsed.
  • Computers are running Windows updates during business hours. 

 You feel like your business is exposed

When using a managed services provider, you should never have these thoughts.

  • Is my firewall configured properly?
  • Is every endpoint protected?
  • Is my older hardware endanger of failing?
  • Do I have good backups of my data?
  • Is my staff aware of cybersecurity risks?
  • Can guests access our network through our wireless system?

Things started off great, but now…

The first few months went well, but there hasn’t been much communication lately.  There are still some lingering issues that were supposed to be addressed in the beginning.  The technology planning sessions you were promised never happened.  In fact, they haven’t sent anyone onsite since onboarding.

In part 3 of this series we will discover how to know an IT company is understaffed before you hire them.

The unfortunate reality of the IT industry is that companies have come to accept disappointing IT services from outsourced partners. It doesn't have to be this way. The cycle can be broken. If anything mentioned above sounds familiar, it's time for a new msp.

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